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Intelligent Design for sure

Sunday morning I woke up with some sort of a disturbance in my eye. I was fine when I went to bed on Saturday and didn't feel a thing. Obviously something must have gotten into my eye. I spent most of the day rubbing my eyes or if my mom is reading this, trying not to rub my eye. Of course it just wouldn’t go away. Come Monday morning and the irritation had subsided and my eye was red as blood. I looked in the mirror in amazement as the white blood cells were rushing to the rescue of my eye. Where is the argument I wonder.

Intelligent design is something that is amazingly controversial and I never understood why. All the intelligence is there to see. Everything in the working of our body screams intelligence. Everything in the body of every animal screams intelligence. And here I am not even talking about the mind and its complexities that that discussion would push us into.

Today man creates so many different kinds of machines; some self healing and others not. But either way all t…

It's either offensive or it's not!

Michael Richards was caught with his pants down the other day in "Laugh factory". He went on a racial tirade after being heckled on stage, using the "N" word and following it up with a series of racial slurs in a comedy club packed with African Americans. The video is rather disturbing because what you see is a man completely out of control spewing venom and it’s almost like he is not even there. This from a man who had to be one of the most loved comedians in the 90s.

I have always found the "N" word extremely offensive. Maybe it’s the association that is made with the use of the word. I have had arguments with people about this and they have always wondered why I get worked up about it. But I truly believe that if a community thinks that a word is offensive to them, then it doesn’t matter what you think about it, it is offensive! After all we communicate and talk for the benefit of the listener and not to hear ourselves talk. Right? It is true with any g…

iPod vs Zune

Found this article on casual surfing. Its got all the elements of "conspiracy theory" that can make up a good novel, but given the history of the two companies the author is amazingly astute to be on the look out for more than what meets the eyes.

Sinking in mediocrity

Often heard: A billion people and not one world class athlete.

The question is baffling to many. Nations far smaller and with far lesser resources have gone way ahead in terms of will to win, performance and achievements and yet India seems to be caught in a warp of her own making. I watched in dismay as the Indian cricket team wilted before the Aussies in the ICC world championships. Another hope, another dream and another wish fallen on the wayside.

Some ardent fans ask me why a single defeat should bring me down in such a desperate fashion. The answer is that hope is dying in me and I am running out of reasons to be a fan. I can’t even look at the Indian cricket team today and hope that they will rise to the occasion next time. I watched as the batsmen played with utter disregard for strategy or planning. Each came on the field like a demigod and left even sooner as if they had nothing to do with any of these proceedings. Running between the wickets was pathetic and shot making or de…