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Our Son

We can’t remember the first time he smiled at us. The events of those first few days seem like a blur now. From that blood curdling scream, to sitting outside the operation theater in scrubs, to our first view of him, everything seems like a dream now.

He came in at 9:35am and weighed 6 pounds and 2 oz. He was blue all over during his first few hours in this world and all he did was close his eyes tight and wish he was back inside his mommy. But as he opened his eyes, life as we knew it changed forever.

When I think of him as “MY SON” it makes me shudder to think that we have been given the responsibility of bringing up a life in this world. But it is a responsibility that we have longed for and a responsibility that we look forward to fulfilling.

Very little I could say here would encapsulate the emotions that we feel and continue to feel every day that we spend with him. Little do we know what the future holds for him or how it would change our lives, but the one thing I do know if tha…