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Tough Love

The reason why we are fat is because McDonalds does not serve healthier food. They do serve fruits and salads but they still serve a lot more burgers and all the advertisements are geared towards selling more burgers.

The reason why we are in this credit mess is because the government did not regulate the predatory lending practices that several mortgage lenders participated in. They should have known better not to allow such loans. It’s not the fault of the consumer that the practices allowed the borrower to buy a house that is way beyond their means.

The reason why gas prices are higher is because OPEC countries are conspiring to keep the prices up and maximize their profits. They should increase production and reduce the upward pressure on these high gas prices. The government should step in and warn these countries not to mess with us.

Today Phil Gramm said that we are a nation of “whiners”. Barack Obama jumped at the opportunity and said that the McCain campaign is out of touch with…