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The Bicycle

I sat on the horizontal bar but he was the one actually riding the bicycle. I was only a mere passenger. The world seemed very simple. I was five and he was probably twenty four. He was my larger than life cousin who lived with us and was my best friend in the short five years of my life. With wind in my hair I was a free bird. Then it happened, my feet got jammed in the front wheel and he was petrified. He quickly stopped and checked for damage. Then we wheeled the bicycle to next corner store and I was awarded a candy for my silence. Of course, the first thing I did after getting home was to announce that I had my leg jammed and got myself a candy. The incident still lingers deep in the recesses of my memory that I relive once in a while with a broad smile on my face.

Yesterday I spoke to him over the phone across the seven seas. He sounded very different. Years have passed and life has come a long way. He was fighting back tears telling me about his father who is battling a quadrupl…