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Summer Vacation

Last month I relived my summer vacation. When I say that I relived it, I mean I saw it through the eyes of a five year old once again and it was fabulous. Over the last couple of decades, in my 20s and 30s I have found myself not enjoying summer vacations as much as I remember enjoying them when I was a carefree child. My memories of summer vacations are in such a happy part of my mind that it almost hurts to recollect the details of it. The loitering through my grandfathers grounds, the adventures with my brothers, the slew of movies, the visits to a plethora of people, visit to the beach and everything else.

This summer I once again saw glimpses of that joy. The only difference was that I was seeing it through the eyes of my son. I had pushed them to stay in India longer this time around and boy did I see what I wanted to see. The complete joy of kids in a new, warm and loving environment where every day is a discovery is something to cherish. Even my daughter seems to be showing g…