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Magnum Opus

The one thing I fault myself with is my inability to be patient and persistent when things get tough. I generally am very impatient and hate the idea of not getting it right the first time. The first time I was made chronically aware of it was in a feedback from a friend.

The story goes that I once went for an interview based on a recommendation from a friend. After the interview my friend called up and said that they had reviewed by interview and one of the interviewers had provided the feedback that I seem to give up very easily. Since he mentioned who it was, I remember the incident very clearly and my version is that he had asked me a question and I had given it a try. But when I realized that I did not answer the question, I told him I don't know. The reason I do that in interviews is that I don't like to come across as a person who keeps talking when he doesn't really know the answer. But tuns out the take away for the interviewer was that I gave up too easily.


Our Daughter

Little did I realize that it has been so long since I wrote anything here. The sands of time slip away with specks of memory blowing away aimlessly from my mind. So here I am to note down some of the events in the past year and a half least I might forget the details.

Maria is here and she is just unbelievably adorable. Fourteen months old now, she is ruling the roost with everyone at her beck and call. He brother is terrified of her as she approaches only to find that she is there merely to exchange pleasantries  on her way to her mom. Maria's entry to the world was not as dramatic as her brothers as she slipped into her place in the world. Tobey and Maria now seem to consume almost all of our waking time but everyday they both surprise us with something new.

Maria has a vocabulary that includes "what", "no", "ende ammae" and "mine". With these four words she is practically able to negotiate anything and everything that she needs out of us…