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End of an Era

As I opened the yellow gate the house came into view. It was not just a house but a home to me. In that house lived my appapan and ammama. To be factually accurate, the brother and sister of my appapan and ammama.

Vadakel (North), as the house was often referred to, was the ultimate summer vacation sanctuary. Just across the grounds from my grandfathers house was this quaint house with all the love the world had to offer.

I can't assimilate enough words to describe my experiences in that house and the grounds around it. Every day on those grounds was an adventure away from "home". My brothers and I would play around the house for ours and ammama would finally call us in for snacks and sweets. Life was good!

Ammama passed away last week and with that ends all my connections with that house. I feel broken and separated from a very important part of me. The memories feel so distant and I struggle to remember every detail and smile.

I wish I could go back and be that same…