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Barack Obama mentions that people are so disillusioned by politicians that they have stopped voting on the issue of the economy and always stick to moral issues while casting their votes. According to his rivals, this is insulting to the intellect of the people listening and they should be offended. Well I am not! As a matter of fact I think that even if Barack is not right about his analysis, the spirit of the statement, that people have become cynical about the political process and its impact on our day to day challenges, is obviously lost on these people. So there, I said it, I am not offended and I am actually flattered that someone is addressing the issue of cynicism in politics.

It is shameful the way people tell us what should and should not be offensive to us. That is what is really an insult to our intellect. I think I have a brain of my own which will tell me when I think of something as offensive and I will then do the needful.

Thanks, but I will do my own thinking.

Keeping a journal....

A clutter bug, I am torn between collecting miscellaneous memoribillia and between tossing away unwanted junk. As a child I saved everything with any sentimental value- birthday cards received from the sister, letters from friends and aunts, photographs, clothes, presents, etc. But in the recent past, I have learnt to close my eyes and throw away all these letters and cards and unused gifts with the objective of clearing up storage space and making room for my growing collection of "stuff". Recently on a cleaning mission in my mothers house, I came across bundles of old letters saved. Letters written by me, my sisters, aunts to my mother over the past years. I opened each letter, read through it and found myself smiling as I was transported back in time recollecting the events detailed in the letters. Letters with a hand print of her granddaughter, gossip that was hot at the time. The cards my mom had saved brought a smile to my face. But I decided to close my eyes and th…