Keeping a journal....

A clutter bug, I am torn between collecting miscellaneous memoribillia and between tossing away unwanted junk. As a child I saved everything with any sentimental value- birthday cards received from the sister, letters from friends and aunts, photographs, clothes, presents, etc. But in the recent past, I have learnt to close my eyes and throw away all these letters and cards and unused gifts with the objective of clearing up storage space and making room for my growing collection of "stuff".

Recently on a cleaning mission in my mothers house, I came across bundles of old letters saved. Letters written by me, my sisters, aunts to my mother over the past years. I opened each letter, read through it and found myself smiling as I was transported back in time recollecting the events detailed in the letters. Letters with a hand print of her granddaughter, gossip that was hot at the time. The cards my mom had saved brought a smile to my face. But I decided to close my eyes and throw it all away, in the process clearing up several shelves of storage space.

I realized that I had in fact forgotten the events written in the letters, but reading the letters, immediately brought these incidents rushing back to my mind.

I found a diary I had maintained from 2000 to 2002. I was 23 years to 25 years. In the diary I had written about significant events in my life. I saved interesting cartoons from the local newspapers, interesting things I had learnt, articles I had come accross, jokes, sermons. I wrote about certain events that had taken place in my life which had a tremendous impact on me such as my first stay in a college hostel, the death of my dear friend who was my aunt, the death of a local priest who I admired for his dedication to his profession.

During this period of time, I was going through a spritual journey of sorts and had detailed all my thoughts and opinions. It was quite refreshing to read it all again recollecting everything I had goe through and experienced. Some thoughts made me shy or ashamed and I was quick to toss it away.

Most of all, reading through these old memories made me realize how wrong i had been so many times. My life had taken a completely different path than I had imagined. People who are now very precious to me had entered my life over the years. People who were once very precious to me had left my life. One of the most astounding factors was that problems that had once been overwhelming had vanished completely. Decisions that were so hard to make had been made and forgotten. Worries and troubles had vanished. Many joys had been forgotten.

keeping a journal, especially an electronic one, will occupy less space. I hope to jot down my thoughts, my opinions, what I learnt, the mistakes i made, the troubles that worry me. Years later as i read through it ,i know it will shock me to see where all i have been, who all i have met and the journey God brought me through, the miracles he performed, the gift he gave, the people he brought, the joys he brought, the wonders of life, the beauty of life, the gift of life.


Anonymous said…
Absolutely. Welcome to the journal! It will be a walk down memory lane and a view of the road ahead.

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