Stringing the chords

Like Norah Jones would say...... "Here we go again....". Yesterday was my first day at the guitar class. With some motivation from my wife I finally decided to get out there and try it out. So I signed up for these lessons at an adult education centre.

Four years ago there was a similar crisis in my life. I felt the need for music and went and bought myself a keyboard. I know you are wondering why I didn’t ust go and buy myself a music system instead. Something I wonder too. I was primarily inspired by a colleague of mine who used to play it effortlessly. Watching him play made be a bit jealous of the fact that I couldn't play any instrument. So with his help I went and bought myself a second hand keyboard. That was followed by the self teaching books. A few days went by and the interest waned. I guess it was discouraging that I was not making any progress in understanding the notes at all. I would be able to play a couple of tunes but I knew within myself that they were simply key combinations to me and nothing more. The notes meant nothing whatsoever.

Then came a time when I took drastic action. Bought myself a CD and a MIDI cable and hooked up my keyboard with the computer. That was an improvement because the software timed my keystrokes and told me if I was off tune. A few days went by (not that I made much progress on the music front) and one fine day my computer went on the blink. I had no idea what triggered it. So I suspected my MIDI connection and never dared connect it to my new laptop that I replaced the computer with.

That was 3 years ago. A lot of things have happened in 3 years. But my yearning to play an instrument effortlessly still lingers. So here I am stringing up my (borrowed) guitar and off to the classes. I hope to play a better tune this time around.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
So how are the guitar classes coming along?

A challenge isnt it?

I realized that it requires a lot of patience and a lot of persistance to get through the initial stages. And then once the basics are learnt, a light will suddenly come on and you can make music! thats when it all seems worth the while.

Something like learning to write. One needs to survive the ardous journey of learning the alphabet and the rules of grammer before one can write poetry.

But then that makes you think of all those people to whom it all comes naturally. That they can pick up an instrument and make music with no music lessons. That they can create poems and songs although they are illiterate.

God blessed them with natural talent for the rest of us...... it is back to the books and classes :)
AMF said…
i find guitar a very varsatile instrument...can create quite a few moods. Hope you do create some of those moods and moments once you have mastered the art of playing guitar. We'll do a karoke some day...ha..ha through skype.

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