The art of self confidence

What is self-confidence derived from? Every time you come across a person with a lot of it, you wonder what makes them so confident of their own selves. Sometimes I look at these people and find no reason that they should exude such confidence and yet they are there standing before me talking and doing things with reckless abandon.

Most times I conclude that it is success in their lives, success at school, success at work and an overall successful life to that point that leads to such unbridled confidence. But I sit back and wonder and very rarely agree with this conclusion. There are several people that I have interacted with, that have not really been that successful but yet they have no self doubt. I used to work for a person who was the picture of self belief. He truly believed in everything that he proposed. His vision and ideas were hardly ever in doubt and yet this man had come off a failed project and was currently in a very questionable project (In terms of it possibility of success). Yet with not a thought given to any of that he chugged along ever slightly modifying his vision based on things her learnt on the way but never questioning his past decisions. Wonderful isn’t it, to be able to go forward without looking back.

Is it something we are born with? I doubt it. It almost feels like an art. You hear a lot of people talk a lot of things about you and the things you do. I would think it is truly a gift to be able to take all this information and simply use it as a tool to rework oneself rather than get consumed by it. It takes a lot to hear criticism and not be doubtful of your choices and decisions. Yet a lot of people do it with out any effort at all.

They must surely be artists.


Anonymous said…
Self Confidence is definately a trait that only some people seem to possess.

I believe a persons upbringing also contributes to their self confidence. Some cultures are traditionally risk averse and children inherit this trend from their parents and general surroundings.
AMF said…
Success brings confidence...but remember confidence also brings success. I really believe in that. And sometimes arrogance is warranted and at other times not but that too comes with confidence and success.
sukracharya said…
Frank, something which i found very frequently... i have come across many outwardly self-confident people are very insecure deep inside.. and some types who are very confident inside but dont overtly exhibit it outside...

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