Words unspoken

Have you ever listened to a person talk and wondered – “What the hell is he talking about”.

As I was growing up, English was not the most popular language among kids. However, I was never a local of the city I resided in and so most kids had to talk to me in English. Even with their limited knowledge (and admittedly my own) of the language we never had a problem exchanging ideas and thoughts. We used expressions, sound effects and many other modes of communication in addition to the language to express ourselves. Yet everything was crystal clear to each other.

Fast forward to today. Over the last few days I have been noticing someone I interact with very closely doing the very same thing we used to do as kids. His mind seems to be moving faster that his tongue and most of his thoughts are left unspoken. He uses obscure sounds and half sentences to put together a thought and at the end of it all it makes only partial sense. So I am forced to ask for an explanation again. I am certain that he believes that all his thoughts are being framed into words and sentences as he speaks but really only a few of them get translated and the listener is left wondering what it all means.

I hope I do not suffer from the same problem. If I do I hope someone would tell me. I remember many years ago my father told me that I should slow down while talking because I was swallowing words.

It was okay when I was telling the boy next door about the interesting thoughts in my head.


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