What do I want?

In the past few years my dad keeps telling me that I need to do a S.W.A.T analysis and determine what it is that I want in life. And I have been steadily avoiding that question and doing any analysis of that sort on my life.

The reason I suspect is because I fear that the answer to that question is "I don't know". Is that a valid conclusion or would that be an unacceptable answer. But the truth is that I really don't know. There are very few things that I am truly passionate about. I know I enjoy playing the stock market, but would I really enjoy it if that is what I was doing all day? Would it be travelling? That is what I tell most people, but I doubt I am really an avid traveler either. I don't particularly enjoy music and sports is something that I like to do once in a while.

So back to my original question. What do I want? Or is the real question: Do I need to have a question in the first place. Why can't I live life as it comes. Does everything have to be deliberate?

Success as defined by society has a prerequisite of being prepared and planned for the right opportunity to come along. So I guess I do need to plan. Now, only if I knew what it is that I need to plan for.


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