Unreal World

I often hear the words, “Live in the real world”. It usually refers to me not looking at things that are in my immediate vicinity or things that have to do with the people I know and interact with. So I do. I look at ways to face the real world.

Yet every time I turn on the television the real world appears far removed from what I live in. There is the war of the worlds, there are the terrorist groups, there is the civil unrest, there is the ethnic cleansing, there are the religious wars, there are the political unrests, there are the local city murders, there is the neighborhood sex predator and there is the spouse abuser next door. Yet I have neither witnessed nor experienced any of this.

Don’t get me wrong. I want no part of any of that now or ever in my life, but it does beg the question. Do a lot of us really live in the “real world” however hard we try?


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